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04-20-2011, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Gnashville View Post
Some people get what they deserve. He had a good thing here and ruined it. Remember His message to the fans "I would never sell to anyone that wants to move the team". What the hell was Baldsilly wanting to do with the Predators Craig? He had no choice but to sell to local ownership Baldy jumped the gun with his season ticket drive and left egg on Liarpold's face. Good riddance one less Western Conference foe to worry about.
I'd put that more on Balsillie than Leipold. I mean, the guy did swear up and down at first that yeah, he'd be willing to keep the team in town for a few years at least. Leipold was just giving him the benefit of the doubt in exploring the idea, and usually I admire that.

I equally admire his sworn statement in the Phoenix bankruptcy court, as well. That brief review period did its job - it revealed Balsillie to be a lying *******.

I don't see any reason to be bitter towards Leipold. Trust me when I say that y'all could have had much, much worse to start out.

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