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Originally Posted by slackerracker View Post
It seems like over the last 10 or so games, the puck just seems to roll off my stick. Like i'm about to take a shot or make a pass and the puck just doesn't go anywhere and the team gets a break the other way. I haven't changed anything been using the same blade pattern/stick flex for years. I haven't had this happen to me until just recently and i just can't figure out why it keeps happening.
Are you relatively new to hockey? I go through cycles where I'm under-confident, confident, and then overconfident. During my confident and overconfident periods, I tend to look up more, look for good plays to make (instead of just the first thing that comes to mind), etc. During those times, I have to remind myself to keep paying attention to the puck, because I'm looking around and thinking about what other people are doing. It's not second-nature for me yet to be able to control the puck while thinking about so many other things.

If you're getting more comfortable, you might be more aware of your surroundings, and therefore a little less aware of the puck on your stick.

Just a thought...

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