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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Lol I work for 11 hours yesterday and have homework and exams to do today, and I miss all this hilarity! What the hell!

Anyone who can't see the humor in this pretty much needs to get off the internet more often. Part of me thinks its funny that VanI has this much time on his hands, part of me thinks its extraordinarily sad. It's hilarious though nonetheless.

As far as punishment, defintiely discount the votes and ban him from voting in the future. I have zero issue with keeping the teams here personally. I think there will be a negative sentiment towards them anyway at this point after this and they will probably be eliminated faster than they would have otherwise. So completely eliminating the teams solves nothing. I would hope we (as mods 70s and if Modo and Dave participate again) check IPs a touch more rigourously so this doesnt happen again. But as a one time thing its funny for certain.

After seeing what Billy said, I'm honestly surprised no one picked up on this. Had this not been my first rodeo that's something I defintiely would have thought about lol. You know, I never really like Sabre this draft. I thought he was *******, condescending, and rude, especially to 70s with the time thing. I see this was mostly a made up thing because I've never thoguht that about VanI. So maybe the personality difference threw people off, but no one can be as ******* as Sabre was seriously I don't think.

Defintely shouldn't be any decisions made in haste. No reason to decide before the end of the draft what to do about this. Right now, I'd think banning him is a good idea just to make sure it doesn't happen again, but I feel like that's probably rash. Either way, thanks for the entertainment value of reading this VanI.
I'm kind of surprised nobody saw this earlier too. I noticed that the Sabre acted as if he had more of a history here than he did (like his reactions to 70s), and the same was true of ZM to some degree. But I didn't connect the dots. Maybe I was a bit naive and forgot that it's the internet.

I think my biggest problem with this is that I wasted my time assassinating Portland. On a less selfish note it's disappointing to see a lack of respect for the other draft participants. Agree that final decisions on VI should be dealt with after the draft.

But there's definitely a funny side to this. I see I'm not the only one who wondered if I was talking to 39 VI socks :-)

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