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04-20-2011, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by gaf View Post
I think in the fine print of the agreement- Versus has also agreed to change its name every other year- eventually settling on outdoor life network 9 years from now...
Glad to see there will be games on in my area. Living in Buff you are spoiled w/ CBC coverage- I even think there is a way to get TSN? (not really sure about that- other than some rogue stories)..
While I cant get either- I'll at least be able to see other games..

I wrote to Center Ice and asked if they'd consider carrying more programing like HNIC coverage- not just the games and hockey day in canada- etc. I doubt thats going to happen, but it'd be sweet
I travel a lot........ Versus is virtually unknown as far as hotel cable TV goes. Occasionally, there's access to pay per view CenterIce. But most the time it's either find a sports bar or drag a loaded up laptop with me and get a gamestream via the net.

I gotta research what the best NHL web streaming TV option is before next season..........

Any and all advise is welcomed!! (other than stop travelling..... that's a no brainer)

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