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04-20-2011, 06:00 PM
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I didnt want to clutter your board with a new thread. I thought this title was at least fitting.

I went to Game 1 in Philly donning a Sabres jersey and hat. I was quite nervous based on the Eagles games reputation and the fact that there would be so few Sabres fans there. People introducing me to themselves in the lot as Sabres fans wearing ''street clothes' didnt help either.

Right when I hit the crowd near the gate, I was showered with boos and 'a-hole' chants. People near me engaged in good conversation though. Hallways the same thing. It was pretty intense.

I got to my seat and got a lot of ribbing. It was all in good fun and I took it well with a smile. I got good cred when I said how awesome the God Bless America thing was in the beginning.... and also how I admitted how much I love fighting in hockey. Great conversation with the people around me. I was even purchased 3 beers by unique Flyer fans throughout the night.

I went out for a cigarette in the 2nd intermission. It was intense. A lot of anecdotes that would take too long to write, but it was hilarious and great. Everyone had a great sense of humor and I never once felt threatened. Someone walked by me and said 'Buffalo s_____" and flipped my hat like 3 inches. Security went after him despite my please in his defense. Everyone around me though was saying it was uncalled for and they deserve it.

After the game, after Buffalo won, people were very good sports, all the way to the car. More great conversation. Even with a guy with a giant orange mohawk.

So in short, Flyers fans have class and I will always correct people who say otherwise. They didnt make it 'easy' on me... but it was all in great fun... of course I wouldnt dare 'ask for it'. When Kaleta scored, I gave a brief 'yeah!' and stood up and clapped for a somewhat abbreviated period of time. That is the key.

I plan on going to Game 5, and Game 7 if necessary. I am confident it will go without incident if I keep the right attitude, and give the Flyers and the city of Philadelphia credit (which they both deserve), there will be no 'incidents'.

One interesting thing is, I was asked many times if I was from Buffalo, or from Philadelphia and a Sabres fan. It seemed like it put the asker at a lot of ease when I said I lived in Buffalo. You guys must hate homegrown 'enemies'.

so thats my (probably boring) story. Feel free to use it when people talk about Flyer fans like they are Morlocks.

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