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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Like I said - at some point, the coaches have to step in and get some control of the team. They didn't do that. If they're going to be leaders, they have to preach. They have to repeat themselves. They can't just sit there like wooden indians and say "Well, we told them to start tightening up". Well, obviously they didn't tell them enough. Repeat it. Repeat it again. Call time out, and repeat it again. Until the team is like "OK, OK! We get it!"

"Doing nothing" is not an acceptable thing for a head coach to do in that instance. The game meant too much, and it was slipping away. Most of the Kings had only 8 games of playoff experience prior to yesterday. They are learning, right? They needed something to shock them a bit. Maybe a time out would have done it. Maybe pulling the goalie would have done it. Maybe sitting a guy down for a long stretch would have done it. What other options does a coach have at his disposal? How did Handzus do on the draw? 1 for what - 18 or something? Why was he continuing to take the draws?

It's just ... I don't know. This one stings, and I'll tell you what - if I'm a head coach of an NHL team and I'm in the playoffs, and I see my team sinking like the Titanic, I'll be damned if I'm not going to go down fighting. I'm going to try just about anything I have at my disposal to try and stem the tide. At least I can walk away knowing that I just didn't stand there and let it happen. If that's all Murray's gonna do, why be behind the bench? Just go up in the booth with a headset and sit next to Bob and Jim.
Here's my problem with that.

You are ASSUMING they did nothing, and that's a HUGE assumption to make.

Just because the goaltender wasn't pulled, and I am on the fence on that, I can see it both sides, and the timeout wasn't called, you are assuming they didn't say a word, they didn't talk, they didn't communicate, that they just sat and watched.

That's an awfully big assumption to make when you have no idea what was said.

Like I said in the beginning, my whole problem wasn't the timeouts, it is whatever was said in the 2nd/3rd intermission either didn't take, or it was the wrong ****ing message, THAT to be is a bigger problem.

If it didn't take, that's a serious sign the players tuned him out, if it was the wrong message, that's a serious sign he didn't read the game properly.

The ONE thing that will help Murray I think, will be to see how the team comes out on Thursday night, if they come out flat, I think he may be gone for the right reasons, if they come out fighting, then I think he is doing his job properly, and no, not calling a timeout is not indicative if he is doing his job properly...

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