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04-20-2011, 10:55 PM
Cake or Death
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Although this is true. But since the 05-07 seasons he had **** infront of him, I would be annoyed of not having a great hockey team, but its whats the off-season for (which I fear because of the brilliant GM we have) is to improve. If any thing I can see if he even thinks about it I could see it happen next year if we dont make the playoffs or 6-8 seed getting swept or a series like this where you blow a game when we could of tied it up, I was confident we could of went far in the series if we won, but now I lost all confidence on this team.
Sorry, but this series is not over and you fight till the fight is done. And I refuse to get down on this team this season. These guys gave so much this season, left it so on the ice. No matter how the playoffs turn out, I am proud of the effort this team put forth this season. Right now though, I am gonna place my focus and energy on rooting for a game five victory.

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