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04-21-2011, 04:13 AM
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Considering how many powerplays the rangers have had in this series I think you would have a difficult time making the argument that the nhl is fixed.

After game 1 I said I thought this series was going to be officiated just like the one against the penguins in 2008. Everyone remember that one? The slew foots, the drury high stick with no call. But I was told I was "barking up the wrong tree." Looks like I wasn't so wrong after all.

But I don't think it has to do with a fix, at least I hope not. I think it has to do with what I have been saying ever since the lockout, the nhl is inconsistent. It starts with the disciplinary decisions handed out by the front office and it flows down to the refs. This series has been a perfect example.

Two plays where the whistle could have blown led to important caps goals, I think the play in game 1 was much worse than last night, but when compared to the whistles the caps are getting in the crease it gets extremely frustrating. I can think of at least two occasions where the puck was looser than Foodreau's belt at a Golden Corral but the whistle was blown. One of those plays came in game 1 when the puck was rolling into the net until a cap dman swatted it out with his hand the same time the whistle blew.

Then you see the stuff like Fedotenko getting tripped while in the slot with the puck getting ready to shoot, his scoring chance is taken away by the trip and you yell at the tv that it is a penatly, and it should be, but most are ok with it as long as the refs are consistent. Then when the caps come back the same play ovechkin gets a shot off but is still slashed and a penalty is called it really makes you scratch your head. Same goes for the Gaborik penalty in game 3 following the Ovechkin crosscheck on Feds or the McDonaugh penalty in game 2 (I think) where he was protecting Lundqvist. I am also sick of seeing the caps set picks every time they gain the offensive blue line and drop pass the puck. The list goes on and on, and I am sure cap "fans" have a few examples as well. The refs need to either let them play or call the game consistently. My solution? Go back to the 1 ref system, it worked for years and there is more accountability that way, much easier to know how 1 ref will call the game instead of 2.

I haven't seen the Dubi play yet since I had to be up at 3 for a 12 hour shift at work, but I did hear it on the radio, I've got the game dvrd so I will check it out when I get home tonight, but again, the ice is small enough, lets get rid of one ref. I would also like to know when Stepan was taken down in the 3rd why that wasn't a penalty shot. The pp is so bad I would rather take a PS than a PP, at least you know that way the team is guaranteed a scoring chance.

But, what it all comes down to is consistency and accountability, I hope that the team puts together some examples of the inconsistent officiating and sends it to the league as a big FU and tell them they need to fix this ****. I'd also like to see Philly and Montreal win their series. That would send the caps to Montreal and you know the Canadian media won't stand for some of the bs we are seeing here.

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