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04-21-2011, 08:56 AM
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No one in their right mind could blame this loss, or the loss in game one on the officiating. It falls entirely on the NYRís
Inept special teams unit but only an idiot would refuse to acknowledge the fact that in the sport of hockey a good/bad call can alter the direction of A game and even effect the outcome.

Itís inevitable to have a bad call now and then, but at this stage in the game
At the high cost in the playoffs, this level of dysfunctional officiating should not be tolerated any longer.
There is no reason why we should be seeing inconsistencies of this magnitude during playoff hockey.
It affects careers, revenue, and lives. It marginalizes the sport and cheats the dedicated fanbase.

Is it too much to ask for, for officials to call the same play consistently within the same period?
Is it too much to ask to to have calls made on flagrant penalties every time they occur instead of when itís convenient?

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