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04-21-2011, 09:13 AM
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Matt Duchene Curve (PM9)

So, I recently went to the local Play It Again Sports in the need of a new blade for my 2 piece. I've used 2 piece sticks for years, and to me, it feels no different than a 1 piece. I'd consider myself a pretty good player, having played up to Junior A hockey in PA, which is very competitive. I've been using the p92 curve for the past 4 years, back from when it was still the Naslund curve. When I went to Play It Again, they had a selection of 3 blades. All were the same curve. I needed to purchase one before my next game, which was 1 day away, so I bought the Matt Duchene 11k blade. I played my last game on Tuesday, having another one tonight. My shot is awful, I can't toe drag for the life of me, and any time I try to do anything the puck just seems to roll off of my stick. I've never had this problem in my life, and I feel like a complete bender. I know the curves are much different, but I don't think I should have this hard of a time adjusting just because of a new curve. I'm normally a 2-3 ppg player, and on Tuesday my team was blown out 9-3, because I was incapable of doing anything. Tonight, I have a game with a bunch of people I used to play with in high school, and I'm nervous about how I may do.

I purchased a p92 curve after Tuesdays game but it will not be here for another week. Any tips on how I should adjust my style of play with my new blade?

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