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04-21-2011, 11:44 AM
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The PM9/Duchene is basically a very flat, very closed, mid/heel curve, while the P92 that you're used to is more of a mid/toe, deep, open curve, basically they're polar opposites of one another. With any curve you need to shoot basically from the deepest part of the curve, you'd be used to shooting from the mid/toe area, but with more of a heel curve you need to set up your shots from closer to the heel, and make sure you're really snapping your wrists/following through properly. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a major adjustment, like you I pretty much only use mid and toe curves, I tried a heel curve (it was an Easton Lidstrom clone) for literally a couple months and could never really get used to it, just didn't suit my style. I can easily switch from a P88 (closed mid) to a P92 (open mid/toe) or to my current toe curve (a clone of Hossa's pro curve, made by BASE), but give me a heel curve and my snap shots especially just feel wrong (slappers are fine though).

Once your P92 arrives I would suggest just ditching the PM9, your shot mechanics are already tuned for the P92, no point in putting in the considerable effort required to adapt to a heel curve. And with the PM9 you not only have to adjust to the different curve position, but also to the less open face and the slightly lower lie, it's really just too different. For the week until it does arrive, though, my best suggestion (as I mentioned above) would be to shoot more from the mid/heel area, less from the mid/toe area as you probably currently do.

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