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10-14-2003, 09:54 PM
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Heh, you think you're old arguements have newfound merit..

.. Anyways!

I truely feel Mike York is going to have a big year, first 3 games or not. This guy is just a gutsy performer. I feel he needs to go back to centre, long term, and get readjusted to the position as soon as possible. Slap Smyth & Dvorak on his wings or something, and let fly with your best players on your top line (as it should be). Enough with these silly Isbister experiments. They didn't work on Long Island, why waste time trying them here, again? Use Isbister as what he is - a third line left winger. Promote the best goalscorers you've got and make sure they are playing with good playmakers! In other words, don't put Hemsky with Horcoff & Isbister or whatever, make sure he's out there with maybe Chimera & York or something. In fact, Chimera & Hemsky did connect for a nice goal in the season opener, maybe try that?

Anyhow, I wouldn't worry too much, just yet. Not exactly sprinting out of the gate, but now is not the time to look for skies to fall. Now is the time to watch the team get re-adjusted to the rigors of the season, and for MacTavish to pull his head from his rear and give his team better opportunities to win these games.

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