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10-14-2003, 10:59 PM
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Well I just got back about 20 minutes ago from a local Edmonton watering hole and watching the Oilers tank yet another game. It looked just as bad as the last game on the big screen. Seems to me the Flames' systems were working better then the Oilers' systems. How is it that Calgary can dump the puck out of there own end while under pressure and not ice the puck and the Oilers can't? Why did it seem that a Sutter coached team provided more support on the puck in all zones of the ice tonight then a MacT coached team?

Calgary's work ethic jelled with their system, Edmonton's didn't. Calgary got the much better scoring chances hitting 3 goalposts and a crossbar. The difference was the Flames' powerplay scored and the Copper & Blue gassed their odd man advantages. I think Matheson noted the Oilers spent a whole hour just practising the PP. May I suggest that we fans who work in the ordinary work-a-day world put in minimum of eight hrs. a day, and often work overtime some 2 to 4 hours and most of us are happy to get the extra work just to earn the extra money.

So may I suggest one whole hour might not be enough; not when many of us work 10 to 12 hours a day just to be able to afford the occasional tickets to the live ice. What with paying for the Pay-for-View and a new 3rd jersey for the grandson and baring the additional cable costs to get Sportsnet and TSN, plus driving into E-town an hour and 15 minutes, there and then back, with the better half so I can catch the 'Oil' on the tube cause there was no other way to see this particular game. Buy dinner and be the designated driver just to support my team and expecting to see motivated effort and instead get a lackluster confusion is plain annoying. So ya we've the typical blue collar fans who are there, game in and game out, and my dollars help pay your wages.

Well I would like more of a payback this year for my unflinching loyalty over the last 15 fruitless years. If a few more hours A DAY of repetiton are needed to get the PP working then let's put in the extra time gentlemen. It's not like you all aren't getting payed enough!

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