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Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
Yeah he was actually really good defensively in Game One, very similar performance and he's been great on the PK throughout the series. The aggressive physical play in Game 4 was really what made that a standout performance, and his gaps and reads were outstanding too ( as they were in G1). I invite anybody to point out bad plays he made in Game 1.
I had him in the bad column after game 1 and I remember turnovers, soft plays behind the net and I think JVR (?) got around him once (that coulda been game 2, though). Imo he was nowhere this good. Looking at the highlights on he made atleast two bad plays in game 1. I also distinctly remember a Flyers fan praising Butler and saying Myers was bad (not that that means much).

Imo he chases the puck-carrying guy behind the net too much, they turn left/right/left and Myers just follows him until the guy centers the puck or he gets behind and the guy tries a wrap around. Last night is exactly how I want him to play these situations and how Chara plays them, pin the guy to the boards and either poke away the puck or let your teammate retrieve it. I haven't seen anything like that in his first 3 games.

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