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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Lie, flex, and type of curve (heel/mid/toe) are IMO the most important aspects of a hockey stick. I easily shoot better with an entry level stick with my preferred lie/flex/curve (for me about lie 5, mid or toe curve, 75-85 flex) than I do with a top of the line stick with the wrong specs for me (stiff, high lie, heel curve = cannot shoot for me).

In general, if you're a snap shot guy I'd say a whippy, low kick stick is probably your best bet. However, it does depend on technique. At your height/weight/style I'd suggest a 75ish flex, but some people do like stiffer sticks, personal preference really. As for the right lie/curve position/openness for you, that's pure personal preference/style, nobody can tell you that but yourself. The Easton Sakic/Bauer P92/Warrior Draper tends to be the most popular curve, especially for guys who take a lot of snap shots, but it's 100% personal preference.

Bauer Vapor sticks are not bad sticks at all, a bit pingy in the blade, but I like them. Right now Dolo DDs and Easton SE16s are ridiculously on sale, and both are great low kick sticks, I wouldn't hesitate going with either one. Excellent top of the line sticks, being sold for a lot less because newer models are out now.

2009 Dolo DDs (only the grips have a good selection of curves at 75 flex):

Easton SE16s, grip and regular (worse curve selection though)

I also recently bought a stick from "BASE" that I'm really enjoying so far, a nice snappy low kick stick and they have a great selection of curves offered in all sorts of different lies. However, I picked my stick up from their store (in the suburbs of Vancouver), not sure what the deal is re: shipping to the States in terms of shippings costs, duty, etc. Here's their site though:

For the Easton SE16, is the only difference between the Getzlaf and Parise blade the round vs square toe? If so what difference does that make in the shot- I have been using the Parise and love it- I see they sell that one in 75 flex w/ the Getzlaf but not Parise so wondering if I should give it a try?

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