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04-21-2011, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
all good if we were playing to win a fight in the bar, but we are trying to win hockey games...
Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
You do realize retaliation is for the regular season and not playoffs? Did Pitt retaliate on the Downie hit? Did Chicago retaliate on the Seabrook hit? Point being, you are supposed to take advantage of the PP and make it hurt them on the SCOREBOARD.

I would LOVE for our guys to take runs at Perry and Getzlaf. But we want to win on the scoreboard, not take stupid penalties and give their deadly PP another chance to score.
I understand what you're saying but when they've targeted Erat from the very first game and have now knocked him out, at what point do you stand idly by and take it? Losing Erat hurts our chances to win the game. Well, take one of Perry, Selanne and Getzlaf and it evens things up a bit. Losing a Tootoo or a Ruutu for them isn't going to change the balance of the series but when you lose your top guys it has an effect. They targeted one of our big guns, we need to target theirs. You never let your guys get beat up like that. Once I can see but continually thru a series, hell no.

And tell me why Ruutu played only the PK after the Erat hit? It was dirty and he knew he'd have to answer the bell for what he did. And sometimes you have to win some battles along the way to win the war but we lost the battle and now the war is shifting in their favor. If they knew they had to look over their shoulder when they had the puck it might help but they know they can get away with slew foots and blind side hits because we won't do anything.

And here's something, we never do anything in the regular season either so this isn't news to any of us, it's a trend. It's been going on for years. Remember Trotz taking names, what happened the next time we played Anaheim, nothing. So let's have our guys get run and out for numerous games and get killed in front of the net and so forth but let's be gentlemen about it. I'm tired of our team being polite. We had a chance to send a message last night to them but instead we quit on the ice and to be honest, I'm not sure which ticks me off more, quitting or not standing up for a fallen teammate.

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