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Originally Posted by Janerixon View Post
If the Refs lose sight of the puck they are supposed to blow the whistle. That is the rule and I don't have a problem with it. The goal in game 1 the puck was under Hank for about 6-8 second and the whistle should have been blown. To me that one was worse than last night, where the ref CLEARLY was not in any position to see the puck was still lose from his angle alone and where Semin was. Hank had that puck for all of a second or two. The play early in game 2 where the puck was lose in the Caps crease and the ref blew the whistle instantly cause he lost sight was comedy compared to the Ovie goal in game 1. All I ask for is consistency, I don't have a problem with that rule.

What I do have a huge issues with is just the inconsistency of calls. How is that not a hook when Feds was taken down in the slot losing a scoring opportunity but they call a slash on avery the next play? The boarding on Staal that wasn't called in OT? Look our PP was a joke, a JOKE, but officials just be consistent. Blow the whistle when u lose sight of the puck, if you are going to call penalties than call them all. As a fan thats all I can ask for. The Devorski interference was sad, but so was the teams performance in the 3rd and on the OT goal. After that 3rd period I didn't expect to win as I am not the most upbeat Ranger fan having been a fan since the late 80's and I don't blame the officials, but they certainly don't do themselves any favors.
I understand you're unhappy but like I asked someone else, how do you get consistency out of human beings making judgment calls while skating fast and watching guys skating fast who are trying to kill each other? Hell, umpires blow calls and they are standing still.

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