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04-22-2011, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by agentfouser View Post
Continuing a line of conversation from the GDT, what were the signs that the Kings were so mentally fragile? Sure they had losing streaks and frequently biffed after scoring, but how do we know that those are not simply the ups and downs of the season? They had some great winning streaks as well. How do we know that their struggles in the regular season were not just the normal range of outcomes for a team that is reasonably talented but offensively challenged, and good enough to win more games than they lose by not an elite team by any stretch?

I'm genuinely amazed by this whole turn of events, really beginning with game 2. I expected the Kings to lose the series, but to do so in their usual fashion--losing 2-1 or 3-2, grinding out a few wins by the same scores or maybe stealing one in overtime. I'm astounded that we've seen such a different team, and I'm really trying to understand what has happened here.
This. Sheesh. What happened to our supposedly vaunted defense?

Last year, we could write off "oh, they're young, they'll learn" when we were on the verge of taking a game vs. Vancouver and melted down. I'm having flashbacks of last year. Why has nothing changed? And what needs to change for next year?

This needs to be a learning experience for the young players, but it also needs to be a learning experience for coaching/management.

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