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Originally Posted by Janerixon View Post
I don't follow baseball (and I think calling a strike or ball is a lot more difficult than calling a hook where the stick is parallel to the ice) and I am not trying to get into a debate as to which sport has the best officials as that doesn't serve any purpose as it is totally subjective. What I can say is once you are an NHL referee you are here to stay which means no matter how bad you are, you have a job day in and day out once the season starts. This line of thinking is flawed. There is no salary cap with guaranteed contracts for NHL refs and Linesman. Officials should be graded at the end of the season by the league and GM's and get fired or retained based on their performance. There are ways to fix these issues but it appears the NHL has no desire how to fix these things. The NHL can mandate to call all penalties or just go back to the clutch and grab days where only dangerous plays or the loss of a scoring chance is called. Currently the league is in between calling everything and letting things go as if the NHL was still pre-lockout. I am offering suggestions as to how to help solve these issues, if you don't agree with my ideas and opinions thats fine too.
You haven't offered anything that would solve the problem. You are making the claim that refs, if held to a higher standard would perform better. I think that is silly, because what you are saying is that they are either inept or don't care.

You think that as a fan, with the advantage of sitting in a lounge chair and with the advantage of access to replays from multiple angles, would do a better job, if given the chance. That's true, but would only work if every call was subject to review.

You have not offered up why you think refs do such a bad job. Is it that they are inept or that they don't care, because I can't think of another possibility.

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