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04-22-2011, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by ecemleafs View Post
blocking shots does not make u the best defensive dman in the league.
Well it got people to think that Volchenkov was the best defensive defenseman in the league.

Originally Posted by bumrusherer View Post
True warrior...It will be interesting to see how he plays next season though. Can he be expected to achieve the same amount of success next season? Surely his body wont be able to take the same beating.
Why not? He only missed two games this year and there will be plenty of time to heal between now and next season. He's still young...he'll be back 100% and ready to block more shots next year.

As long as he's not breaking things blocking these shots then I don't think there's that much wear and tear from season to season...from season start to season end, yes, but not between seasons.

Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
When is the last time you've even seen Girardi without Staal? With all the hate that came his way before this year it seems like the first step those people are taking is, yeah he's alright I guess. Skip that step and assess how he's actually been. Kid's a stud defensive Dman.

Sorry if it came across like I'm killing your comment because most of it is very flattering towards Girardi, the first part just bothered me and led me into how some people can't just accept the guy yet.
Staal has been out a couple of times with injury and Girardi struggled without him. He looks like he tried to do too much and continually was getting caught pinching or being wayyyy too down low in the offensive zone, etc. It'd be kind of interesting to see how he'd even out his game if Staal was out for a long time, but from what we've seen, he has struggled the few times he hasn't been out there with Staal this season. I don't think he'd continually struggle though if it was long term, I think he'd settle down, but just wouldn't be quite as effective

and without jumping too far into this...the breakout isn't nearly as big a problem as getting through the neutral zone is, and unless you think that defensemen should be sending long stretch passes through the neutral zone with a high rate of success every single time, then a lo of that falls on the forwards to accomplish, not the defensemen.

The breakout is alright, at least definitely better than it was under Renney. Getting to the good side of the red line is more of a problem.

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