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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
You haven't offered anything that would solve the problem. You are making the claim that refs, if held to a higher standard would perform better. I think that is silly, because what you are saying is that they are either inept or don't care.

You think that as a fan, with the advantage of sitting in a lounge chair and with the advantage of access to replays from multiple angles, would do a better job, if given the chance. That's true, but would only work if every call was subject to review.

You have not offered up why you think refs do such a bad job. Is it that they are inept or that they don't care, because I can't think of another possibility.
You obviously only want to argue cause you disagree but giving professional referees a pass because the game moves fast and they are forced to think on their feet sounds like ******** to me and anyone who is a fan of the sport. Yes I think they should be held to a higher standard and at the same time this isn't the supreme court where once you are in you have a job for life. They should be graded by the league and GMs who determine their fate. They can be replaced by younger officials if the game has passed them by. I also suggest the NHl decides whether they call anything that is a penalty or not because the way the game was being called at the start of the season to now is a completely different beast. What about how the delay of game penalty and too many men penalties are called in OT but not a boarding? Which penalty holds more weight? If you argue that with me I won't respond cause you don't agree with my points and all you do is criticize. The officiating is as inconsistent as wolski or Christensen and it ruins the sport and games for fans and players. I think they are doing a bad job because they receive no discipline and have no fear of losing their jobs or being reprimanded. If you have a job you can't get in trouble at or fired from for a poor performance where is the incentive to do your best? The NHL has been poorly officiated and has a disciplinarian who plays favorites for years. Bettman and Campbell don't care and it translates it way down to the officials that they like the higher ups are infallible.

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