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04-22-2011, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I didn't get to see the game last night so I'm talking in genaralities here.

Yes those are all probably legit goals. But 90% of goals are probably legit goals and only 10% are goals where the goalie makes a mistake.

But here is how I look at it. I've seen this defence not insulate Price probably 20 times this season. Ok maybe I'm exageratting a little bit but they've played bad a bunch of times throughout the year and it was Price who saved the day and won those games for us.

How did he win us those games, by making saves that most goalies wouldn't have, aka finding a way to "not just get a piece of the OT goal" but by getting enough of it to stop it, by finding a way to stop a "one timer on a beautiful cross ice pass".

Price has made those types of saves throughout the year. I believe that he is still capable of that but I don't think he's played to his potential in these playoffs from the 7 periods that I did get to watch.

edit: My point is, none of the goals may have been his fault but when he is on his "A" game, he has been known to be able to make those saves.
Watch the OT goal...Ryder was literally HANGING out ten feet in front of the net all alone... Price wasn't even looking in his direction because the price was under the goaline in the corner...Peverly whipped it to the opposite face off circle where Ryder was standing...NO CHANCE for Price

I know the huge cross creases your talking about...Price makes those because he identifies two guys coming in a two one...he's ready to move laterally...

In the OT case...his dman HAS to pick up Ryder thats literally ten feet chance for Pricey there...not even superman could've stopped that me thinks

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