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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Fans will never be satisfied with officials when their team loses. In 94, Rangers fans did not ***** about refs.

The mistake you are making, to me, is the belief that something inherently subjective can be handled objectively. In every thread, for every view of what happened, there are two polar views of what we all just saw, but you think a ref in the heat of battle will be able to come up with decisions that will satisfy all. Cannot be done.

At least you are not claiming it is fixed.
I am not asking for a magical way for all fans to be happy. All I ask for is consistency. If you are going to blow the whistle quickly when a goalie has possession it has to be consistent. If you are going to call a very weak to minor slash on Avery than you should call the loss of a scoring chance for a hook that pulled down fedotenko and a dangerous hit from behind in OT that could have hurt Marc staal. All I am asking for is consistency and the NHL could discipline or terminate officials who miss blatant calls. The rangers lost game 4 but these officials have been terrible and when it's costs a team a game in the conference finals or stanely cup finals then what? My point you seem to ignore is just be consistent. The hook on Feds and board on staal were clear penalties especially if they are going to call a slash on Avery. Getting in dubi's way is way more of a mistake due to the quickness of the game as opposed to just blatant inconsistency from the officials in this series.

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