Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Game 5: April 23rd @ Boston
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04-22-2011, 03:12 PM
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I remember after the 7-0 loss, I just said...give me boston in the playoffs.
I knew it wouldn't be easy, specially without Max, but we've got an axe to grind and winning the series is all that matters. Of course I think we've blown two huge opportunities including taking a small page out of the bruins book last year by giving up a 2 goal lead and a 1 goal lead with 6 mins left in a game we could have gone up 3-1. But now that's it's all done and I'm hoping JM can just refocus everyone to play the whole game mistake free, we have what we have. A chance to beat boston in a best of 5 series. What I don't like
- we can give up leads all of a sudden (were good in boston and in general this season)
- defence looks slow and boston KNOWS this
- Missed offensive chances (can't blame Cammy for the missed breakaway or Darche for missing an open net or whatever, but they happened, and this is the playoffs)

What I like
- Proving that even after the trade deadline and with Max out and Gorges (although I strongly believe we would have won the last two games with them) we can beat the bruins
- DD, Eller and Pyatt are doing great out there
- Pleky is in playoff mode, Cammy too (but needs to just take over and snipe...if Ryder can...)
- For all the negatives about him having a bad two home games, I think PK gives us a huge boost every game and he's played very well given the focus on him

What's uncertain
- Does Carey shut the door from now on despite his defence being shoddy?
- Does Thomas do the same?
- Do our goal scorers capitalize?
- Can we jump on rebounds?
- Can we score on a PP when it counts?
- How will the Bruins play in light of the fact they have figured out how to suceed against us?

It is anyone's series at this point. We've got 2 or possibly 3 games in this series. Can't deny that this means a lot to us considering who our opponents are. Two great games against a tough opponent. History will be made...questions will become answers. One thing is for sure: this waiting between games is brutal.

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