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04-22-2011, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Duc620 View Post
Haters gonna hate....

Terry Murray doesn't need or use excuses.
Ok, I'll play.

Reporter: Terry, when the players don't execute the system is that something you can or can not control?

Terry: (paraphrasing) I had TV timeouts, The players just werent listening.

(no the question above wasnt asked, but it should have been. Frankly Im sick of his tired act)

you see, no one asked him if he was going to put Koipitar back in the lineup. Everyone knows Anze is Out. So to mention it is to try to deflect from the fact that TM's on-ice decisions (line changes, ice-time and combinations) are lacking.

Im sure, when its all said and done (hopefully after game 7) and when DL comes out and defends TM and says he coached a great series, you'll be parroting that as proof that TM is a genius, and I, too, believe he is, just like that other Super genius: Wiley Coyote!

Originally Posted by Zad View Post
When your defensive minded system and structure has its ass handed to it at the most critical time of the season, when it needs to perform its best and after 3 years of attempting to instill it in your "core" players, you bet YOUR ass he needs an excuse and by his own statement, he is implying Kopitar is that excuse. If Murray doesn't bring defensive acumen to the team and EVERYONE agrees that we are not a team built for offense, what possible damn purpose does he serve? What does he do? What was the point if it fails at the most critical time?
When the whole dam breaks, duct tape and baling wire aint gonna help.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Come on Zad, the Kings gave up 13 goals in 2 games against Vancouver at the most critial time of the season last year. The Kings only gave up 12 goals in 2 games this series.

That's an improvement! And they did it without Kopitar!!

Kings in 7!!
Now we're talking!


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