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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
Apparently, you have a very narrow definition of cycle and that's cool I suppose. I look at a system that emphasizes the identical formation 5 on 5 in terms of getting the puck in deep, forechecking, cycling the puck if the pass to the point is not there and then getting the puck high and then to low with the goal being to get the shot on net.

Back to the original discussion, your point is that Richardson lacks vision or hands or both? Same question with Clifford and Simmonds. Because I am wondering how the hell it is that Simmonds is able to control the puck well along the boards and find the open man, Richardson is getting his shots on goal and Clifford is picking up the garbage when they are on the ice on the 5 on 5. Now, if you don't want the entire line on the PP, you don't think Clifford's fearless drive to the net helps the PP? Simmonds ability to control the puck along the boards (where our PP starts) helps? Richardson's shot doesn't help?
First off,

On the PP, the pass to the point is 95% always there, because they don't pressure you on the half-wall, if it's not there, they don't dump it in the corner and have that guy walk it back up, and dump it again, and walk it back up etc...


Simmonds does not control the puck very well on the boards, sorry, he simply doesn't. I have yet to see Simmonds make a smart play with the puck, on the boards, this series. The very fact that you think Simmonds can handle the puck on the boards makes me question if you actually watch the games.

Don't get me wrong, I like Simmonds, I love the energy and the hustle, THAT is his game, he uses his speed and tries to drive wide etc, but rarely does he ever stop up on the half-wall to control the puck and make a play that way....

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