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04-22-2011, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
this is what absolutely irks me...

You can replace Weber's name with Spacek, except make it 1 great game, 2 bad ones, 2 good ones, 2 awful ones... and yet Martin never lost confidence in him.

same can be said about Gomez...

Martin is so quick to show his lack of confidence in young players, it never really gives them a chance to work through the ups/downs that ALL players face in a season (or series for that matter).
being younger players, the result is often that it torpedoes their confidence, and then takes them that much longer to build it back up... in the meantime, their inconsistent play while their confidence is shot simply reinforces Martin's impression...

he gets exactly what he was looking for (can't trust young players), whereas the vets who don't get touched regardless of their poor play have a much easier ride + their confidence is generally harder to shake since they've "been there, seen that" and can handle the ups and downs better than a rookie trying to establish himself.

pure folly for a professional franchise, especially in a cap era where getting quality play out of young players and having them develop and contribute BEFORE they get to UFA's years is a vital component to icing a contending team.
Unless you are icing a lottery team, the right thing to do for development's sake IS IN FACT to be "hard" on rookies and sophomores, to make sure they learn the lessons they need to learn to become the best they can be. Hopefully that means they will become BETTER than the vets around them.

But if you cut a young player the same kind of slack you will cut an older player who is more set in his ways, you risk NOT getting the youngster to where he needs to get.

While Guy Lafleur and Larry Robinson played limited minutes or even had a year in the AHL early in their careers, Marcel Dionne was allowed to run loose on a weak team. In the end Lafleur and Robinson learned what it takes to be a winner. Dionne, while just as talented, never got to be a winner.

Yannick Weber has a LOT to learn. Hopefully he learns most of it and becomes better than Jaro Spacek. Setting the bar very high for PK Subban is working, no?

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