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Originally Posted by Fingolfin View Post
One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts is the near complete inability for this team to score on the rush. How many times can you recall it happening? We drive to the corners, cycle, and rarely can get the puck to a prime shooting location in/near the slot.

Watch the Kings on a 3 on 2, and compare it to the two OT game winners the Sharks scored this series. Every fricken time, the Kings do the same thing. 3 players abreast (L,C,R), and the puck will generally end up with the center coming through the neutral zone. As soon as they cross the blue line, the center will pass to the right or left, who will drive towards the corner, and toss a centering pass right before the goal line.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember seeing the Kings do anything remotely creative on an odd man rush. It's really getting annoying.
To be honest, I don't remember the Kings having a 3-2, I don't think they have had many oddman rushes in the series, I know Brown's goal was the result of an oddman rush,

Goals in general though, I wonder how many league wide are on an odd man rush vs how many are through hard work and a forecheck creating turnovers.....would be interesting to see.

What kills me, is the guy on the boards, be it far or near, when they actually do take a shot, it's almost always short side, or at the chest of the goalie, god forbid they shoot far side low, force the goalie to kick it out and then they would have the guy crashing the net for the easy tap in.

Montreal has done that to Boston what seems like the entire series....

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