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04-23-2011, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
I'm sorry, but if you're at a point medically where you're at significant risk for being paralyzed from an awkward landing from a fall on the ice, you should not be playing hockey. Period. Even in leagues and with players with the best of intentions, shiat happens. The most scared I've ever been for somebody after an incident on the ice wasn't a ********* or anything like that, it was two teammates not looking where they were turning, resulting in an explosive hit. A landing like the one you describe isn't out of the question in something like that.

No check does not mean no contact nor no risk. If you step out on the ice knowing that your back is more delicate then most, you cannot blame the other guy, even if what he did wasn't all that appropriate.

There are risks to hockey. If you are not in a shape where it is safe for you accept those risks, you are playing with fire. Something will happen sooner or later and while it sucks for him, but it's hardly the fault of the guy who flipped him. I see the moral of your story as, "Don't play hockey if you have medical problems that make it a really stupid idea".

first of all it was pick up not league. second of all the puck was in the net. third of all it was from behind. he usd his stick to take out his feet.

does that change your opinion?

the point is yes there is some assumed risk, clean play...**** happens, you knew the risk but dirty play not so much.

I am a pretty strong guy, (I squat in the 400lbs range Dl in the 500lbs range) I could run around destroying guys if I wanted, but I have enough sense to realize the game doesn't ****in matter.

Now If I had his medical history would I be out there, I doubt it, but its a pretty regular group at this rink and its pretty low key. There are a couple of 60 y/o's that skate with us. One played in the NHL, one in the A. Along with plenty of other older guys. When the young guys are out its pretty fast, when the bench gets mixed up everyone dials it down.

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