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04-23-2011, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
SK was an off-ice issue. He actually got a lot of playing time as a rookie and sophomore, mainly because he HAD a pretty solid game after learning from the Hunters and Don Lever. The problems developed later in SK's case.

But still I wonder if you have thought through what you are saying. Let's assume for the sake of argument that Subban is a confident tough guy who is able to handle the consequences of his mistakes while Weber is a delicate flower that the coach is afraid will not develop right if he pays for his mistakes with less ice time.

What does the coach tell Subban when PK asks why he has to sit out or miss power play time when he screws up but Weber keeps on playing?

Or Plekanec versus Perezhogin? Or Gorges versus O'Byrne?

Or Pacioretty versus SK74?

Isn't it obvious that coddling SK, Weber, O'Byrne and Perezhogin would have an effect on Patches, Subban, Gorges and Plekanec too??

This is where I said that it might matter less when you are icing a lottery team. If you are in a mode where you do not mind failure because it will get you high draft picks, it might actually make sense to play the talented kids despite their mistakes and live with the losses when they play run and gun, or forget to cover their man, or try to make fancy plays at the bluelines, or party too much some nights.

The Habs are not in a position to play like a lottery team. They have to integrate a couple of youngsters every year while continuing to win as much as possible. Five or six youngsters audition each year, and two or three might stick, having shown winner attributes.

Ultimately, there is no room for the lazy, for the mentally weak, for the entitlers, for anyone not ready to battle through adversity for their spot on the team, so that they can then battle through adversity with their teammates for a place in the next playoff round.

I know this is Hockey's Future, but the BEST way to a bright future is to develop the Plekanecs, the Gorges, the Paciorettys and the Subbans and not worry about the party animals, the fat and lazies, the me-me-mes, and the mentally challenged who cannot learn from their mistakes and keep repeating them.
I'm not saying Weber is a delicate flower who needs to keep playing through any mistakes he makes always. I'm merely suggesting that a rookie should get at least as much leeway as a normal vet, possibly a little bit more because get this.. they're rookies, they'll make mistakes. Players need to be equal and treated equally in terms of their performances. When you don't do that you have guys like Gomez who take whole summers off and come to give dismal efforts for the whole season because they're not threatened by anything at all.

There are plenty of examples of young guys being given more chances because they're rookies. Even on teams who aren't bottom feeders. Look at a guy like Cam Fowler who got tons of ice time this year despite being horrible defensively. Ducks still finished higher than we did and developed a young prospect pretty fast by giving him their trust instead of crapping on him for every mistake.

Now you look at SK who had attitude problems... apparently despite the fact he was not a problem anywhere but in Montreal with Carbo a guy who can barely speak English, and Martin who... well never gave him a chance. He goes to Nashville and is their best forward, has an awesome attitude, etc. Before coming to Montreal he was also not a problem at all. Not a problem in Hamilton either. Yet after one training camp, Martin has him all figured out and decides this guy needs to go back in the AHL based purely on attitude. What a joke.


One thing I wanted to add is the habs keep doing the same thing over and over again and we keep finishing 6th to 10th. Instead of developing the talent we do draft, we look elsewhere for answers. In the process we're basically bleeding assets by letting good talent leave, and having to trade picks and prospects away for old useless vets at twice the cost. The habs keep investing in the likes of Gomez, Spacek and Moen instead of the McDos, SKs and Latendresse and it's really slowing the rebuild down to a crawl.

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