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10-15-2003, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
Where's all the toughness and rough play?Where is the intimidation factor?Where is his stellar defensive play?Where is him bulling to the net and him being a menace in all 3 zones??Where is his decent offense he creates with his heavy slapshots and his brawn infront of the net???
I'm not going to say I'm pleased with Holik's play, but I think a lot of people here expected WAY more out of Holik than he could ever hope to give. Come on folks! We've seen enough Devils games over the past 10 years to know that Bobby is not Peter Forsberg. He's an average player at best who's dominant abilities were magnified by a brilliant system while his shortcomings were masked by the same. He's not a strong defensive player. He's not gifted with offensive ability. He's not a consistent force game in-game out. He's a freakin' 3rd line checking center!

The real nad-kicker in this story for me was the fact that Sather has now imposed a gag order on the players.

Starting with a season-ending meeting with Holik in April, Sather began pressuring him not to say anything negative about the team
Personally, I think Sather's just worried about his incompetetance being exposed publically. Bobby knows what it takes to be a winner in today's NHL, and perhaps part of it is to challenge the organization publically. Whether Holik's the man to be doing it is debateable, but at least SOMEONE in the organization was lighting a fire under some *****. Who's doing it now?

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