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04-23-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I'm not saying Weber is a delicate flower who needs to keep playing through any mistakes he makes always. I'm merely suggesting that a rookie should get at least as much leeway as a normal vet, possibly a little bit more because get this.. they're rookies, they'll make mistakes. Players need to be equal and treated equally in terms of their performances. When you don't do that you have guys like Gomez who take whole summers off and come to give dismal efforts for the whole season because they're not threatened by anything at all.

There are plenty of examples of young guys being given more chances because they're rookies. Even on teams who aren't bottom feeders. Look at a guy like Cam Fowler who got tons of ice time this year despite being horrible defensively. Ducks still finished higher than we did and developed a young prospect pretty fast by giving him their trust instead of crapping on him for every mistake.

Now you look at SK who had attitude problems... apparently despite the fact he was not a problem anywhere but in Montreal with Carbo a guy who can barely speak English, and Martin who... well never gave him a chance. He goes to Nashville and is their best forward, has an awesome attitude, etc. Before coming to Montreal he was also not a problem at all. Not a problem in Hamilton either. Yet after one training camp, Martin has him all figured out and decides this guy needs to go back in the AHL based purely on attitude. What a joke.


One thing I wanted to add is the habs keep doing the same thing over and over again and we keep finishing 6th to 10th. Instead of developing the talent we do draft, we look elsewhere for answers. In the process we're basically bleeding assets by letting good talent leave, and having to trade picks and prospects away for old useless vets at twice the cost. The habs keep investing in the likes of Gomez, Spacek and Moen instead of the McDos, SKs and Latendresse and it's really slowing the rebuild down to a crawl.
It"s not right to subtly twist the truth again and again.

If you can say we always finish 6th-10th because we finished 10th ONCE, in a year where tons went wrong, and we were still only 3 points out of seventh, then why the F*KC do ignore the time we finished FIRST? Especially since it is more recent than the 10th place finish???

As for the rebuild, it is not "slowing to a crawl", it's basically been done already. July 09 - March 10. The first year after the major roster change, we went to the Conference finals. To prove it was no fluke, we finished 6th this year with 96 points despite MAJOR injury problems.

The Habs brass, I can assure you, does not believe they are in rebuild mode. They are at or just outside the top third of the league, depending on the different teams' relative injury problems.

And by the way, Gomez did not take that much time off, he just didn't get the points he is used to getting. During the only stretch when he had two good wingers consistently, he did put up points. The few times Plekanec has been cool the past two years, Gomez is able to pick up some of the slack. We needed that, and it was not SK74 that would give it to us.

Spacek was a bad signing as to length of contract, and Moen was an ok signing but overpaid. Still, when Markov went down last year, Spacek and Hamrlik held the team together, while surely you can agree that O'Byrne and Hamrlik would not have been able to do the same for almost 40 games. Moen was in our top 9 for the playoffs. Neither will be here past next year, Subban and Patches are better.

We lots of youth playing for us now, 16 out of 26 on the roster, 12 or 13 out of 19 in these playoff games.

28 and under to start the year:

25 and under to start the year:

23 and under to start the year:


How much more youth do folks think can be featured??

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