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04-23-2011, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
S. Kost had showed great things with us. The problem was that he was sent back to the AHL without being given a chance out of training camp. It was a ridiculous move. I'm sorry but it was just a stupid thing to do. Guy was 100% ready for the NHL and not willing to take Martin's BS. Guys with character who are confident in their abilities will never accept something like that. They're competitors, and it's natural that he soured on the habs. I just don't see how Martin was able to make the call that SK had to go back to the AHL based on not even a full training camp.
How did SKost respond to getting sent to the AHL? With terrible play. He put up 4 points in his next 23 games and struggled through an inconsistent year of mediocrity.

I'm sure you're thinking "Well Martin never gave him any ice time or opportunity." Actually, Martin did. Sergei averaged over 14 minutes of ice time per game he dressed, which was 3 more than Pyatt (one of Jacque's favourites according to some of the people on here) and just a cut below Moen (and SH time was the major difference here). Next up, "Sergei was stuck with scrubs all year." Wrong again. The kid played over 30% of his ES ice time with Plekanec and had a significant stretch (almost 10%) of his ice time on a line with Pleks/Cammy.

Sergei was given a wake-up call then plenty of opportunity to succeed. He didn't grab it. If he was ready to grab the spotlight last year, it would've happened. It's easy to use hindsight and completely ignore the facts that led to SKost's departure. Sitting back and making statements like "SKost was 100% ready for the NHL...." and blaming Martin is revisionist history at best.

As for Latendresse. He's been adequate and benefitted from his change in scenary but he really hasn't done too much of to improve the Wild. I'm not really sweating his loss at this point.

The Ribeiro trade is a classic example of people cherry picking arguments as well. People like to look back on that and say "We only got Niinimaa...", but ignore the fact that a large part of the rationality behind dealing Ribs was to create an opportunity for Plekanec. Sure, the return could've been higher at the time, but that deal has had a massive positive impact on the Habs even if Janne was a negligible factor. Plekanec is the player he is today because Gainey made room for him in the top 6.

There's a lot of ways to find all-star players. They don't solely come from the bargain bin. Anyways, I must have forgotten SKost and Gui playing in this year's ASG.

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