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04-23-2011, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
So what does he want, to bring back rampant interference so that players don't get killed by suicide passing?

He's putting the blame in the wrong place. It's the players' responsibility to not kill each other, and when one does cross the line it's the league's responsibility to punish accordingly. As long as they let swine like Cooke get away with what they do, this problem will persist. If the problem is players hitting each other in dangerous ways, then punish them for doing it. Don't try to murder other aspects of the game in a misguided effort to stop it from happening.
This is a very appropriate post. There's lots of blame to be passed around. The equipment can certainly be improved, but what's really needed is some serious behavior modification, and some consistency from the league on disciplining players for hits to the head. The players show a real lack of respect for one another in this league. It's embarrassing. There are several players in this league whose hand I would not shake following a playoff series. I think they should get every member of the NHLPA together under one roof and let the guys look at each other in the face then try to suggest to one another, with still frames on the big screen, that they were justified in blasting one another in the head, and then provide reasoning behind it. It would never fly. I just don't know what it's going to take before this league gets it. No one can tell me you can't put an entertaining product on the ice without shots to the head.

At this point in time, the guidelines against headshots are insufficient. At the very least, the ones in place are far from being enforced. When enforced, the penalties hardly seem to fit the crime.

Recently in a couple of Hawks games, defensemen Hjalmarsson and Seabrook have taken elbows to the head. Players weren't suspended, fined, ejected, or even penalized. Not a major. Not a minor. I just do NOT understand.

Anyone hazard to create a list of the top end talent that's missed significant time in the last several years from concussions? It's amazing. It's ending careers prematurely, and depriving the fans of enjoying a lot of talented individuals. It's altering the course of hockey history...and it doesn't have to.

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