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04-23-2011, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
Let's just switch out the forwards for the defensemen and put Kompon in net. After all, it's "desparation" time!

Under pressure, losers panic and make stupid moves like this. Pressure should bring focus and intensity, a consistent message and inspiration. To bench one of the players that got you here in Ponikarovsky is dumb.

To bench Moller who played a great game 2 ****ed with the momentum we had coming in from game 2. I was there in San Jose for that game. Moller was hustling his ass off and played a solid game.

To keep Penner in the lineup when all he has shown is failure after failure is ignorant or, at best, willfully unwilling to see what is clearly in front of him.

To place Handzus on the first line when that has not been his role and he is struggling in the faceoff circle is panic. It's admitting a lack of options in his mind.

I don't expect a coach to go out there and win the game by himself but I also believe simple, logical decisions that inspire confidence and bring accountability is a must. Terry Murray has failed. If we win tonight, it won't be because of anything he did and he made it more difficult to win this game before the game even started with these lines.
I agree 100% with what you said Zad. I felt that Penner should of been benched after taking that horrible Penalty, allowing the Sharks to come back. There is no excuse for a guy like Penner to make a mistake like that. At least Doughty is only 20 and still only been in the league 3 years, can excuse his mistakes. Penner however is a veteran, a stanley cup winner, he should know better. As for Moller shouldn't he be playing instead of Parse? I mean at least he has played most all of the season, even if most of it was in Manchester. Still he played well in game 2, even went to the front of the net, screening Niemi, on Doughty's goal.

As for the lines that start the game, does it really matter? TM changes them so much during the games, no need to talk about what the lines r like to start the game. As for faceoffs it is one thing to lose a faceoff, its another if you don't work hard by getting the puck back after losing it. They need to battle, as long as they aren't losing them cleanly. We lost the faceoff battle in Game 2, but they counteracted that by regaining the puck quickly.

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