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04-23-2011, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
What you're seeing is the superior team playing with confidence after coming back from a 3-0 third period deficit away from home. This has absolutely nothing to do with Torts whatsoever - he has squeezed every bit of performance possible out of this roster and he deserves to be commended.

As far as the offseason goes, I wasn't on board with the idea of bringing in Brad Richards until seeing the Rangers playoff performance. They are very close to being a really good team, and Richards would be an excellent addition. Keep it simple this summer and just sign Richards and do what you can to get rid of Drury. Let Thomas and Kreider compete for a spot and deploy them in an offensive role (Richards to Thomas for the one-timer has the potential to turn the PP into a real weapon). Those should be the only changes. The supporting cast is in place, has bought into the system, and they like and play hard for each other. All that's left is the addition of a gamebreaker to help Gaborik, and Richards is a low-risk, high reward, and most importantly available solution to that problem.
Agree with the bolded. This series could have EASILY been ours if it wasn't for a few unfortunate plays. The way some people think, this team would have been showered with goals by the Caps, but the Caps have had as much trouble scoring as the Rangers in this series.

The whole core is in place. The 'rebuild' is finished. Now we need that one missing piece, which is a #1 center, who could also help us on the PP and in faceoffs. Richards is not only a guy who would be that #1 center. He makes our depth so much stronger while improving almost every single area of our game.

With more faceoff wins, we keep the puck longer.

With a better PP QB, our PP bcomes stronger.

Our passing also becomes a lot better.

Look where we are, with no #1 center, with a terrible power play, with the numerous amount of injuries we've had this season, etc... some people here are really really downplaying us.

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