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10-15-2003, 05:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Euro
Jagr came to America at the age of 18 without knowing the language. He left ALL of his family behind and all he had in life was his hockey talents. Try growing up with your friends for 10+ years then leaving them to go to another world where you are considered different.
Life is hard. People adjust and make new friends. The guy is in his THIRTIES now, OK?? And for the record, I HAVE had to move to another country and leave all my friends behind as well... I was bitter at first, but I grew up, made some new friends and moved on. My really good friends remained so and once I got back we resumed hanging out when time permitted, etc.

Jagr said if he had a choice he would give up all he has here just to bring all his friends here. He's sick of his money to a point where he'd rather gamble it away.
He DOES have a choice. He DID have a choice. He could've remained in Europe and played in any number of countries that would have allowed him more visits home with his friends. He made a CHOICE he now regrets. No one's fault but Jagrs, it you want to look at it as a "fault". Personally I just think the guy is completely immature.

Jagr has more heart then most. How many of you would leave your life to go to another world and only have a stick in your hand.
News flash: dozens, if not hundreds of NHL players are doing this very thing right now. Picking up roots and moving overseas to play hockey. BTW, name almost any legit Euro-talent and I'll show you someone with more heart than Jagr. The guy has zero work ethic, and there's no way you're going to argue your way out of that one. People in Pittsburgh (and I'm sure Washington now) have observed it many, many times in many different venues over the last 5 years or so.

I don't respect anyone that rips Jagr and his heart. He's been through more then most of you fat nerds can even imagine.
I'm all broken up about this. Your opinion on this matter demonstrates clearly how we should all be clamoring for your respect. As for what this non-fat nerd (who plays twice a week when he can get time away from work) can imagine, see above (and kiss my ass). Life is hard and full of tough choices buddy... that doesn't make Jagr the victim of circumstance you seem to think he is.

Not unless someone hand-cuffed him and threw him on a plane to Pittsburgh.

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