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04-23-2011, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Jack@ss, just face the facts this "great" goalie that you're in love with didn't steal one game like Miller did in Buffalo in both games where the Sabres gave him 1 goal to work with. Sorry if you can't handle the facts.
And had he stole one game, what else of it? The scoring would still be nonexistent, the powerplay would still be lackluster...but no, this goalie has to steal a game.

After stealing one game, it would be that he has to steal a series. Once that is through, he would have to steal a cup.

Trading him shouldn't be a problem since a few weeks ago you had no problem seeing him off of this team, and I really do hope this comes to fruition because as much as your thick head can't grasp it, since the lockout, that goaltending position has always been our only good constant on this team.

It's exactly people like you that wanted Jagr off this team, got what they wanted and look what we have to show for it 3 seasons since.

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