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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Jack@ss, just face the facts this "great" goalie that you're in love with didn't steal one game like Miller did in Buffalo in both games where the Sabres gave him 1 goal to work with. Sorry if you can't handle the facts.
Really mature responses.

Bottom line is, Henrik performed well in the playoffs. Could he have done better? I don't think so. I don't think there was one goal that beat him that he would want back.

Miller has done excellent. He also got slammed a few games. The difference is, Miller has goal support to work with.

But I have no problem saying that Miller is better in the playoffs. I think Miller might be the best goalie in the NHL come the post season. But Henrik is not the reason the Rangers got eliminated. He played excellent. He literally kept them in EVERY game. The Rangers couldn't capitalize on some of his gem performances. The Rangers are just a mediocre team, plain and simple. Not on the Capitals level. Dominik Hasek wouldn't have saved this team.

I firmly believe that the Sabres are a better team too. Vanek and Stafford have out performed any of our forwards by a large margin this season. I think Myers is a dominant defense man, better than any single defense man on our team. They have more offensive depth and a more balanced defense. I also think Lindy Ruff is a better coach than Torts.

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