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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
The results disagree with your assessment that we are "one of the best young teams in hockey"

For every Sedin example you give me, I will give you three times as many kids who have performed admirably during the season and playoffs and led their teams to success. This isn't a linear analysis. There are going to be examples on both sides. I simply choose not to adopt the "they're too young to be winners" mentality of some. It's that simple.
I think we are one of the best young teams in hockey right now and will only get better next year, while probably being younger. However I am not using being young as an excuse for losing or the fact that we are without Kopi. The fact is, outside of a couple of periods, the Kings have been the better team in this series. It isn't youth that allowed us to lose a 4-0 lead, the turning point of this series so far. It was a team meltdown, young and old and also a coaching failure. Should that mean the coach should be fired or players be sent away, no. I believe that young teams need to learn from losing, before they can win. Detroit went through it, Pittsburgh went through it, Chicago went through it. Most all Stanley cup Champions or dominant teams year after year have learned this. Even the great Edmonton Oilers learned it, after blowing a 5 goal lead in the third period. Or take a football analogy. The Denver Broncos lost 3 Super Bowls by huge margins, then finally won 2. It takes losing to learn, sometimes badly losing, before you can win. I believe with this series (if we lose) and the 2 losing streaks we went through this season (November and January) have taught this team well. They will learn from this and become stronger in the years to come because of it.

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