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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post

Serious question, I don't get the frustration, I mean, I understand the disappointment in not winning, I understand cheering, being a fan etc.

I don't understand from anyone, and not just you though, the frustration.

Frustration to me stems from expectations that aren't met, I am not sure what expectations you can have for any team other than to show up, compete, and be entertaining.

Maybe I have been around the game for so long that I know not to expect things in sports as funny bounces happen, ask Martinez lol.

There are plenty of things to be frustrated about in life in general, sports for me isn't one of them, not even close to the top of the list. Mother in laws, absolutely, a Kings team that is competing and entertaining, not so much...
I am disappointed and frustrated by this series, more so then last season against the Canucks. I would of been fine had we gotten blown out and lost 4 games to none, or we weren't really in it but just happen to win 1 games. The reason I am so disappointed and frustrated is because of the way we have lost games. Going in evevrybody said we would have trouble offensively without Kopitar and San Jose would wipe us out. However the opposite has happened, the Kings have been the better team and the Kings offense has been right up there with San Jose. The frustrating part is that our defense, one of the best in the NHL, has totally fallen apart. San Jose's offense is mostly because of the Kings mistakes and poor defense, whereas the Kings need to work real hard for there goals and have. It is the frustration with the defense, which has been a staple of TM's three years here, has played the worst it ever has in the last 2 games. I believe that, that is the crux of the problem with TM. Not his offense system, but the fact that he preaches defense over offense, home plate, etc and it is the defense that, if we lose the series, will be the reason.

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