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08-11-2005, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Wingman
Some people are still in 1999...

It's the year 2005 folks. The Pens organization have come a loooooong way since the turn of the millennium.

They made some good financial decisions, had some good picks, developed their youth, and were praying for a new CBA that would allow smaller markets be able to compete with larger markets.

Now they are being rewarded for it and people cry "FOUL"

If there not in finacial trouble then thats fine.. since your working for the Pitts organizatin and know everything about them......

Pittsburg = Toronto.. both teams sell for the same price... I guess what your saying...

Listen I have a business degree as well as a computer Eng Techonolgy degree (since you like stateing your credentials)

Toronto makes more money therefore they can sell there franchise for more....
Columbus made money they can sell it for more than Pittsburg
Washgton lost alot of money they might be worth 20 million...

Look at the Skydome.. is sold for what 15 million........
Look at teams that were in finicial trouble and what they sold for...

The forbes report has it all... what teams are worth compared to income made...

They will never NOT make money by selling, but it will be alot lower than a team whos raking in the money...... alla Toronto, Columbus, Minny

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