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Originally Posted by 3Four3 View Post
I'm going all over the place? This team couldn't score if they had a dollar hanging out of their pockets with a .69 cent hooker in the room.

You haven't even admitted and called out our offense. At the end of the day, you could have a killer defense and a lights-out goalie but there still needs to be a puck behind the net.

But yes, Lundqvist is the "obvious" reason we lost.

Don't worry, I'm in your boat: Trade Lundqvist.

you didn't read me writing trade Lundqvist anywhere, but that's the way this forum goes; one extreme to the other. I will call out our offense 100%. Winning in the playoffs is about matchups, and even though we were outclassed offensively, I believed we played the kind of style that could have upset the Caps. I still do. The Caps got some calls in this series that got them back into a few games, but they were the better team.

We needed Hank to steal some games for us. he played very good, however at the end of the day I didn't come away feeling that Hank played the best he could have, or that he was at a level that he wasn't at before. That's what would have been needed to win this series. You say i'm blaming it on Hank. yes and no i guess...

Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
I don't think any of your arguments have been all that compelling above "blah LoL Miller > Lundqvist" thats all I have been reading. You need to look at the big picture. If you think the Rangers are as good as the Sabres, than you can't see that picture. We're an extremely mediocre team.
I do see the big picture, but this is a GDT! I'm speaking specifically about how things went down in this series. How much better team are the Sabres than the Rangers? Not that much, i don't think. We were two team facing opponents that outmatched us offensively.
I'm just making the point that as good as Henrik is, he didn't play his best, nor steal any games for us, and that what would have been necessary to win this series.

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