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Originally Posted by timlap
Based on watching him play, rather than team success or subjective awards, I would say Cujo was an excellent goalie in his prime, and not overrated at all.

During his stint in Toronto I felt he was substantially less good during the final two seasons, but I think he is still a solid goaltender with exceptional drive which can elevate him to the level of elite goalies. If we did not have Belfour (who is much better at this point, imo) I would not be unhappy with Cujo as an alternative.
CUJO is a highlight reel goalie, he is not a winning goalie. He makes easy glove hand saves look unneccesarily spectacular. He never had the positional movement of a brodeur or roy. It's funny, Detroit didn't win a cup with CUJO, but once they acquired Hasek, they go on to win the cup. You put Roy, Hasek, or Brodeur in a leafs uniform, the leafs would have surely won a cup by now. There is no reason why CUJO shouldn't have won a cup with Detroit, he had the team in front of him, he was just horrible in the post season.
Cujo has been terribly overrated, especially by the Toronto Media and Don Cherry. I recall on Coach's Corner how DC said CUJO was one of the best goalies of ALL TIME. I couldn't remember laughing so hard in my entire left!

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