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08-11-2005, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by pens66
. . .You put Roy, Hasek, or Brodeur in a leafs uniform, the leafs would have surely won a cup by now.
Even those guys don't win the cup every year. It takes more than a goalie. Belfour has been excellent for us, but we haven't won with him either.

Originally Posted by pens66
There is no reason why CUJO shouldn't have won a cup with Detroit, he had the team in front of him, he was just horrible in the post season.
See the post above where a Wings fan disagrees strongly with you.

Originally Posted by pens66
Cujo has been terribly overrated, especially by the Toronto Media and Don Cherry . . .
The Toronto media did love Cujo, for some reason. But that has no impact on whether or not he is/was a good goalie.

I stand by my balanced opinion of Cujo, past and present.

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