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Originally Posted by 2forsbergaura1 View Post
The season is over. We might as well discuss the future!
I believe the Rangers are slowly improving as a team. They do have a lot to learn from these playoffs and our playoffs 2 years ago. Both playoff appearances had a few things in common:
1. A clear lack of scoring ability - We only scored 8 goals in 5 playoff games in this series. I believe we did not do much better 2 years ago.
Solutions -
A. Gaborik - Keep him healthy by playing him with 2 guys who can do all the dirty work for him in Boyle and Callahan.
B. Kreider - if he is ready, give him a chance!

2. A horrible powerplay - 1 for 22 on the PP? That will rarely allow a team to win a playoff series, regardless of who you are playing!
Solutions -
A. Del Zotto - He had a typical sophomore slump. It happens. Give him another shot next season!
B. Continue to work on puck movement

3. Lack of a true #1 PP Quarterback - Guys like Staal, Girardi, McCabe and Gilroy are not ideal Dmen for the PP. The are decent for a 2nd PP unit maybe, but not for the 1st PP unit. We simply dont have a Green or even a Carlson.
A. Del Zotto - I really do believe that he could be a key PP guy for us. He is capable of making those long tape to tape passes that none of our other D can do!
B. Gilroy - Keep him! For all the hate he gets on these boards, he was probably our best puck-moving dman in the playoffs! He was the our only dman to be able to get through the neutral zone and into the Caps zone at least a few times per game.

4. Lack of a Transition Game - We tend to have a very hard time getting out of our own zone due to a lack of crisp,quick passing and crisp skating.
A. Del Zotto, Gilroy - Again, get these guys more involved on the PP.
B. Change D pairings - Staal with Girardi is a very defensive pairing, same for Sauer with McDonaugh. You want an offensive dman with a defensive Leetch with Beukeboom type of thing. When you have 2 defensive dmen together, they both will continuously try to just give the puck to each other...neither will feel comfortable moving up the ice! We had this issue against the Caps in all 5 games!

Those are the main problems I see. I think our D defensively for the most part is solid. Lundqvist was great as always. All 4 problems I pointed out have 1 thing in common: Offense. Therefore, we definitely need to make some changes to improve in that area.

Here is the lineup I want to see in 2011-2012:
Gaborik - Boyle - Callahan
Dubinsky - Stepan - Wolski
Fedotenko - Anisimov - MZA/Kreider
Prust - Drury - Avery

Staal - Del Zotto
Girardi - Gilroy
Sauer - McDonaugh


Let go of the following:
Frolov - totally useless all year
Prospal - I love him, but he looked tired and old in the playoffs. He gave his old , but its time for us to make room for the kids.
McCabe - Did ok, but did struggle at times in the playoffs and would probably cost us too much to keep anyway. Much rather play Del Zotto!
Eminger - If he comes cheaply, maybe keep him as a 7th dman. If not, then again give a guy like Valentenko a shot.
if brian boyle is our first line center we are in big big trouble

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