Thread: Proposal: Trade Gaborik.
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04-23-2011, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Korpicowski View Post
The above named players are completely different. Gaborik brings along a special set of circumstances. He is paid mega bucks, injury prone and may be on the down side of his career. Those players have earned their keep here. A bad year for them would be just that. Gaborik is a player we could not afford to have a bad year. Our hopes at going deep in the playoffs rested mostly on him and Henrik. Henrik held up his part of the bargain. Gaborik? Well we all know what happened there. My point is that if you dont trade Gaborik for value now, you could very well be stuck with another very bad contract for the next 3 years.
1st henrik did not have a good series, no ranger did. by that i mean no body elevated their game.

2nd, down side of his career? how do you put up his numbers last year and then all of a sudden one bad year means your on the downside of your career? wasn't last year one of his best ever?

3rd, your right gaborik is different than those players, he has more talent than all of them (not henrik) and showed it last year. his injury history is pointless to discuss since he has only missed what, less than 15 games as a ranger? now that he has a bad year all of a sudden his injury history card gets thrown around like crazy. its a bad year, its over look foward to next year when he can hopefully play with richards. he is allowed to have a bad year aswell.

4th, before i am misquoted and words get shoved into my mouth, i am not happy with gaborik at all. but i am not ready to quit on him. last season gives him one more year, if he has the same numbers as this year, that is a different story

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