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04-24-2011, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
The bail out mentality is wrong. It's what the problem was in reality with the team and Nabokov. But goaltending is about making the saves you're supposed to make and occasionally making the saves that you're not supposed to make...or big saves in big moments.

However, you're really oversimplifying it if you think it's just about covering everything low. Notice the three goals that happened tonight weren't low shots that got by. One was a deflection which all of the good teams can do. One was a rebound off the pads as a shot-pass. The other past that God awful glove of Niemi's. These teams can get the puck off the ice and hit the top shelf where mama hides the cookies. If you can only effectively cover half the net, you're an ineffective goaltender.

I think it will do Niemi wonders to sit on the bench for game six and watch. And if Niittymaki falters, you can go to a rested Niemi back home. He's had his chances at redemption and he hasn't been good since game 1.
See, here is where we disagree. And we already knew this.

IMO, the saves a goaltender HAS TO make is EVERYTHING down low. If you allow the other team to roof the puck, you deserve to lose.

Your opinion? I'm guessing you think that goaltenders need to stop everything high? We already had that kind of goaltender. Didn't work.

I'm not oversimplifying anything, either. You're making it complicated. The team itself is making it complicated. The sport is an amazing sport, but it is a lot more simple then you think it is.

Quick stole a game today.

He made how many saves down low?

Proof is right there, dude. Turn your blinders off.

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