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04-24-2011, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by UniversalRemonster View Post
See, here is where we disagree. And we already knew this.

IMO, the saves a goaltender HAS TO make is EVERYTHING down low. If you allow the other team to roof the puck, you deserve to lose.

Your opinion? I'm guessing you think that goaltenders need to stop everything high? We already had that kind of goaltender. Didn't work.

I'm not oversimplifying anything, either. You're making it complicated. The team itself is making it complicated. The sport is an amazing sport, but it is a lot more simple then you think it is.

Quick stole a game today.

He made how many saves down low?

Proof is right there, dude. Turn your blinders off.
Stubborn doesn't win games. Look around the league, Price, Lundqvist, Bryz, and Rinne have all had issues, but not on the order of Niemi. They are all big butterfly goalies covering everything low, but they are covering the high stuff better than Niemi. It is in the percentages. Then you can look at Thomas who is unconventional but more the athletic type who is having a far better time and covering far more egregious errors by everyone of his defenders not named Chara or Seidenberg.

It's good to cover everything low, but there will be high shots. The more that the goalie grabs, the better. And, at a certain point stopping all low shots while leaving the upper half open, a team might as well go with an athletic guy. It's total shots stopped in all situations. Heck, towards the end of the year, Niemi was letting in more than his share along the ice as well.

I don't want to unload Nemo or blame him for all evils, but I do think he needs to sit, rest and reflect. I would have no problem running Nitty for a few games such that Niemi can get the top of his game back.

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