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04-24-2011, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by UniversalRemonster View Post
See, here is where we disagree. And we already knew this.

IMO, the saves a goaltender HAS TO make is EVERYTHING down low. If you allow the other team to roof the puck, you deserve to lose.

Your opinion? I'm guessing you think that goaltenders need to stop everything high? We already had that kind of goaltender. Didn't work.

I'm not oversimplifying anything, either. You're making it complicated. The team itself is making it complicated. The sport is an amazing sport, but it is a lot more simple then you think it is.

Quick stole a game today.

He made how many saves down low?

Proof is right there, dude. Turn your blinders off.
That is an utterly ridiculous expectation to think that shots should never go high on a goalie as a defender. I mean, really that is just absurd. Goalies have a blocker and a glove for a reason and it's not just for looks.

My opinion of goalies is that they have to not let in any bad goals. You have to expect a certain amount of errors from the guys in front of you and even from the goalies themselves with split-second decision-making going on.

The first goal was Niemi's mistake turning the puck over putting his own defenders in a bad spot. The goal itself you can't really expect Niemi to make the save on. But since the turnover came off his stick, he is responsible. The second goal I blame completely on Boyle and Murray. Boyle for the unforgivable turnover and Murray for a piss-poor effort where he took neither the shooter nor the eventual goal scorer. The third goal is a bad turnover by Wallin, I think, but Penner took a shot from above the face-off circle with Niemi deep in his net beat on the glove side. That is on the turnover and the shoddy play in net. That's a puck he HAS to stop.

It's understandable why you would want to have an emphasis on stopping pucks low. But what is not understandable is a complete ignorance to anything over the pads. You have to stop most every puck that you see come at you from a distance past the face-off dot that doesn't get deflected. And the goals that do get past will be ones that EVERY goalie wants back and if you have too many of them, you will get a signal from the coach to sit your ass down.

You can't look at Quick's performance for your strategy when Niemi employs that same strategy and got beat up each time even though he covers down low.

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